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The Slovak Club of Swiss Mountain Dogs operates as a civic association, which is registered with the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Its members abide by the approved statutes, breeding and rating regulations and in a broader context also by the statutes of the umbrella organizations UKK, SKJ and FCI.
It was founded as an interest group of people interested in four breeds of Swiss Shepherd Dogs – the Appenzell Shepherd Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Entlebuch Shepherd Dog and the Large Swiss Shepherd Dog.

The aim of the club is the development of covered breeds by promoting the breeding of purebred dogs registered in the studbook of the SKJ, as well as by organizing exhibitions and evaluations. A complete breeding service is provided for controlled breeding by the Chief Advisor and Breeding Advisors in accordance with the Club’s by-laws.

Information is provided to the members by updating the website, yearbooks and last but not least by organizing various joint events – shows, training camp and other meetings aimed at strengthening the relationships of lovers of these breeds.

We are happy to welcome to the club anyone who shares our aspirations, whether they are an owner of a shepherd or just an admirer of the dog.