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Conditions for participation in the rating

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  • Valid pedigree card issued in accordance with FCI and SKJ regulations.
  • On the day of the evaluation, the minimum age of 18 months for a male and 15 months for a female.
  • The place and date of the rating shall be determined by the SKŠSP Committee. If the dog has fulfilled all the conditions for breeding except age, it can participate in the evaluation earlier, but it will become a breeding dog only on the day of reaching the required age.
  • Undergoing an X-ray examination for hip and elbow dysplasia. For the BSP and VSP breed, an OCD examination is also required
  • for ESP breed genetic testing of PRA is obligatory.
  • for the ESP breed the examination for ectopic ureter is obligatory – this type of evaluation is valid in case of examination at the Veterinary University in Vienna with evaluation at the Veterinary University in Zurich. If the examination is carried out in Slovakia and the result is either Positive or Negative, only the individual with a Negative result will be included in the breeding. If the individual is evaluated as Positive, the final decision on inclusion in the breeding will be determined by examination at the Veterinary University of Vienna, otherwise the individual with a Positive result will not be kept.
    Update on 19.11.2022 – currently it is possible to examine ectopic ureter only in Slovakia. The only evaluator of ectopic urethra in Slovakia for ESP breed is MVDr. Martin Hrčka from Zvieracia klinika Pašek s.r.o., Orešianska 8881/1A, 917 01 Trnava, tel.: 0911 825 148
  • completion of two compulsory exhibitions. Shows must be under the auspices of the FCI with CAC, one of which must be a club or special show (can be without CAJC and CAC), organized by SKŠSP, held in Junior, Medium, Open, Working, or Champion classes. At least one of the compulsory shows must be over 15 months of age. Junior, junior and non-competitive classes do not count towards the rating.
  • The individual must be owned by a member of the SKŠSP, otherwise if the owner of the dog is a non-member of the club, a contract for the provision of breeding service for non-members of the SKŠSP must be concluded before sending the application form.

Updated as of 19.11.2022