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Explanatory notes to the rating code

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I. Overall appearance:

0 quite atypical
1 too light (setter type)
2 too small
3 standard height but lightweight
4 correct in appearance as regards the solidity and harmoniousness of the body structure,

  • male BSP 64-66 cm, ASP 50-52 cm, ESP 44-46 cm, VSP 65-67 cm
  • female BSP 58-60 cm, ASP 48-50 cm, ESP 42-44 cm, VSP 60-62 cm

5 correct in appearance as regards the solidity and harmoniousness of the physique,

  • male BSP 66-68 cm, ASP 52-56 cm, ESP 46-50 cm, VSP 67-70 cm
  • female BSP 60-63 cm, ASP 50-54 cm, ESP 44-48 cm, VSP 62-66 cm

6 correct in appearance as regards the solidity and harmoniousness of the physique,

  • male BSP 68-70 cm, ASP 56-58 cm, ESP 50-52 cm, VSP 70-72 cm
  • female BSP 63-66 cm, ASP 54-56 cm, ESP 48-50 cm, VSP 66-68 cm

7 standard height, but rough and little harmonic
8 too large
9 too large, lymphatic

II. Eye colour:

0 black
1 black and brown
2 dark brown
3 medium brown
4 reddish brown
5 light brown
6 yellow-brown
7 yellow
8 yellow and white
9 unpigmented iris or other eye colour

III. Tooth:

0 narrow, triangular or strong arc, malposition of spokes
1 oblique jaws, oblique or very irregularly placed incisors
2 underbite
3 light (slight) underbite
4 free scissor bite
5 correct scissor bite
6 tight scissor bite
7 tick bite
8 light (slight) overbite
9 overbite

Missing teeth:
symbols of missing teeth for the rating code:
i – incisivi – incisors
c – canini – toothpicks
p – premolars 1 (P1)
r – premolars 2 (P2)
s – premolars 3 (P3)
t – premolars 4 (P4)
m – molars

If only one of these teeth is missing, only its symbol is given,
so only one letter. In the absence of multiple teeth of the same kind, the
lists first the symbol and then the number of how many of that species are missing
(examples: missing 2 incisors – i2, missing 3 P1 – p3)

IV. Physique

And in all positions corresponding fully to the standard or character
of the defect mentioned below in mitigation, allowing the use for breeding
B long, narrow head, too light or conical muzzle
C short, disproportionately spacious, heavy muzzle
D shallow, not very pronounced stop, flat part of skull
E stop too deep or steep
F too arched cranial part, protruding, arched cheeks
G lymphatic head, loose skin under the neck, open labia
H defective shape and expression of the eye
I ectropium
J entropy
K long, low-set ear
L light or short, high set ear
M too short neck
N malposition and angulation of the thoracic limbs
O few firm, open or hare paws
P insufficient chest proportions, little forechest
Q too long, soft back
R arched dorsal or lumbar region, rebuilt
Having a short or falling buttocks
T short or deformed tail
U miscarried tail
The malposition of the pelvic limbs
W bad charring of the pelvic limbs
X defective basic colouring – black colour greyish or with a rusty tinge
xX too light burning
Xx blackened, sooty burning
Y coat defects
yY too short hair or lack of indents
Yy excessively wavy or curly coat
From wrong moves

V. Layout of white characters

0 black and tan, no white markings
1 missing white marks beyond that allowed by standard, breaks in bib
2 some white markings missing (on legs, tail, forehead only hinted)
3 most features less pronounced (white fingers only, narrower forehead hairline, less on nose, tail, narrow breastplate)
4 typical distribution of white characters, some characters less pronounced or slightly asymmetrical (white fingers only,
narrower hairline, less on the nose, narrow bib)
5 typical layout of white characters
6 typical distribution of white markings, some markings more pronounced or slightly asymmetrical (sock, wider
hairline, more on the nose, white at the corners, wide bib, more on the tail, white under the tail, small spot on the neck)
7 most features more pronounced, more asymmetry, more white patch on the neck, white at the corner
8 large white marks disturbing the general appearance, collar, half collar, large patch on the neck, boots
9 absent burning, white marks on the limbs and muzzle go straight to black
Indices:p– white bloomed sporadically with small pigm. spotted – white bloomed with more numerous pigm. spotting

VI. Nature

1 timid, shy
2 insecure, nervous
3 choleric, aggressive
4 temperamental, easily excitable
5 poised, confident
6 calm but attentive
7 little temperamental
8 phlegmatic
9 completely phlegmatic (dull)

VII. Result of DBK X-ray examination

A 0/0
B 0/1, 1/1
C 0/2, 1/2, 2/2
D 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3
E 0/4, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

VIII. The result of the X-ray examination of the DLK

0 0/0
1 0/1, 1/1
2 0/2, 1/2, 2/2
3 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3