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Exterior rating

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Bonitation code

It is based on the rating in the rating card and characterizes the individual from all aspects. It consists of the following four parts in the form AAA B CC DD

  • AAA size – eye colour – bite
  • B exterior defects
  • CC colouring – nature
  • DD DBK – DLK

Rating result

After an overall evaluation of the individual presented, the committee will award the final score:

  • Breeding – an individual that meets the requirements of the standard, may have some deficiencies, but is without serious defects, has passed the character test and has an acceptable evaluation for dysplasia of the hip, elbow (in the case of the VSP and shoulder) joints, i.e. DBK: A, B, C, DLK: 0 and 1, OCD – negative.
  • Unsound – an individual who exhibits gross defects beyond the standard; has significant coloration defects; has a height that does not meet the tolerance set by the standard; has missing teeth except those tolerated by the standard; cryptorchid; is aggressive or fearful; with a DBK score worse than C, DLK score worse than 1, with OCD – positive findings; with a character test score of “failed”. Also an individual in which the accumulation of exterior and/or character defects or dysplasia results in the individual being unsuitable for breeding.
  • Withdrawn – if the owner decides to withdraw from the rating during the rating, before the rating is completed and the final verdict is given.
  • Postponed – at the initiative of the evaluation committee, if the dog shows signs of illness, injury, physical or mental development of the individual is not yet complete, or there is a suspicion of a defect that may result in non-rearing.