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Procedure for X-ray

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Request a hip and elbow dysplasia evaluation form from the head breeding advisor.

Make an appointment in advance with the nearest veterinary practice that is qualified to carry out x-rays of the knuckles.

Images of the hip and elbow joints (shoulder joints for BSP and VSSP) should be sent together with a copy of the PP, proof of payment of the fee and the completed form to one of the addresses:

Prof. MVDr. Valent Ledecký, CSc
044 42 Kosice Oľšany 262
tel.: 0915 / 984 574

A copy of the receipt for payment of the evaluation fee must be attached to the images and the surname and first name must be included in the payment so that the payments can be matched and Prof. Ledecky can issue a receipt.

For the evaluation of X-ray images (HD+ED) the fee is EUR 20,-. If it is also an evaluation of OCD images, the amount is increased by EUR 10,-.

Account number: 0109154804/0900. The account is held with the Slovak Savings Bank.
IBAN: SK85 0900 0000 0001 0915 4804

Animal Clinic PASEK, s. r. o.
MVDr. Ivan Pasek
Orešianska 8881/1A
917 01 Trnava
tel.: 0911 / 825 148

Pricing for evaluation scans taken by another veterinarian:
DBK 10€/1 dog
DLK 10€/1 dog
OCD 5€ /1 dog
shipping and handling 5€

Evaluations are sent by cash on delivery only.

Price list of DBK, DLK and OCD made by MVDr. Paszek (prices include sedation, wake-up, imaging – 6 images and evaluation):
Bernese Mountain Dog/1 male: 120€ (DBK, DLK, OCD)
Large Swiss Mountain Dog/1 male: 130€ (DBK, DLK, OCD)
Appenzell Shepherd Dog/1 male: 110€ (DBK, DLK, OCD)
Entlebuch Shepherd Dog /1 male: 110€ (DBK, DLK, OCD)

Possibility of X-ray evaluation in Germany:
DR. Silke Wurster
Bunsenstrasse 20
59 229 Ahlen

The fee for the evaluation of radiographs is HD 50 euro, HD + ED 75 euro and HD + ED + OCD 90 euro.

On the envelope should be written SKSSP Privat Gutachten – Dr. Silke Wurster. However, it should be taken into account that the evaluation takes longer (up to three months).