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Dear fellow BMD Club,

Some of you will have already had this information as individuals but this is addressed to your clubs and we ask that you please circulate it to your members. 

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain would like to invite Bernese Mountain Dog lovers from your club to our Golden Jubilee celebration events in September this year in the UK. 

We realise this is a difficult time for the world and even thinking about such an event may be in bad taste for some people who are directly affected by the terrible events in Ukraine. Of course we are mindful of this situation and have supported the fund to assist Bernese in Ukraine but the feedback we have had so far has been supportive of our decision to continue. The effects of Mr Putin’s illegal war might develop to affect our event as the year progresses, with rising prices and fuel and even food shortages, but we have decided to go ahead with our event and hope people who can make it will look at it as a Bernese break from the awful things we have to see in the world.

We have produced a planning booklet with lots more details and information for anyone considering a visit and the link to this is below, please look at the booklet and see what our event has to offer before making up your mind. There are lists of hotels, travel options, facilities and attractions in the area etc. 

For those interested in showing there are 3 sets of CCs on offer for BMD in two days in the middle of our event and 3 CCs make a UK Champion. If you are really interested there are CCs on offer at other places before and after our event if you wanted to make a UK holiday based around shows. We can give more information on these to anyone who would like to know but our event is about much more than showing and we have a Health symposium and a Judges meeting as well as British themed social evenings each night and other activities celebrating the abilities of the BMD including Obedience, Bernese carting, Heelwork to Music as well as fun events. It is not just a show with a few extras but a full Bernese festival.

So, despite the problems in the world we hope some of our overseas friends are able to join us for four days and five nights of Bernese celebration with a British flavour and interaction with friends. If you wanted to make your visit part of a British holiday the event is next to a lovely peaceful tourist area, the Forest of Dean and Wye valley

You can find our booklet at the bottom of this web page

Thank you for your interest and stay safe in these troubled times.

With best wishes for things to get better for everyone in 2022.

Steve Green